March 19th: Nuyorican Drama — Miguel Piñero’s Short Eyes



  • Next week I’ll be away at a conference. We don’t meet next week at all, but I’m reachable via email.
  • Remember that papers are due via email, even though we don’t meet in person. See the assignment sheet for details.
  • Dutchman closes this Sunday, so if you’ve really been procrastinating, now’s your last shot to see it and finish the assignment on time.
  • As always, check the course updates page for the latest.
  • Darren Lamb, who visited us last week has a play Fight! Five Plays of Repenption Through Resistance running at the Nuyorican Poets’ Café from 3/8-11.

    For Thursday, March 19th read “The Drama of Miguel Piñero” at the front of Outlaw and read Piñero’s play Short Eyes (pages 193-243). We’ll start the class with a student presentation by Julian, Aura, and Joe.

    Questions to think about to guide your reading:

  • What characters does he show in the play?
  • What language does he use and what effect does that have?
  • What audiences do you think Piñero is writing for?
  • What’s the setting he chooses and what side of the city does that show?
  • What are some of the key themes the play deals with?
  • Identify key points of the play where the storyline (plot) turns or changes. Mark significant points where this happens in your book and write them down in your notes. What causes the plot turns and how might actors on stage make them believable?

    Watch the legendary singer Curtis Mayfield sing one of the songs from the film version (he also had a small part in the film and composed/performed the soundtrack).