Final Exam: 12/22 3:45-5:45


Some quick updates this week:

  • While we don’t have formal classes next week, I’ll have special office hours during class time on Tuesday 12/15 and Thursday 12/17. Office is Carman 398. We can also chat via Skype/Google Hangouts during those times. email me for an appointment if you want to do the online option.
  • I’ll be emailing papers back to whatever address you used to send it to me. Look out for it.

    As a reminder, the final is scheduled for Tuesday, December 22, 3:45-5:45 PM in the regular classroom. in the regular classroom and you might want to check Lehman’s exam schedule (PDF file) for your other classes as well. Be sure to arrange for childcare/ time off work/ whatever you need to do now, as there will be no make-ups, except for extraordinary circumstances. Unless you can provide a hospital or arrest record (your own, not a family member’s), you get no make-up. “My family bought plane tickets to go on vacation” or similar is not an extraordinary circumstance in my book. Consider college a job and be up front with family, friends, etc. about what that commitment means.
    The last class was a formal review session for the final. I won’t post detailed notes for that online or answer e-mails on it since I’ve already spent a lot of time on prep, so please get notes from a classmate who was there if you missed it.

    About the final exam …

  • You’re encouraged to (re)read my guide to final exams, “Zen and the Art of Finals” (PDF) if you haven’t already.
  • Format is 3 essays around major themes we’ve seen in readings all semester. Refer to the handout of the sample exam and question handed out in class for specifics.
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