Week of 12/2: (Night Class) Final Exam Review

Thanks to Baba Zayid Muhammad for his visit! You can find (and follow) him on Facebook. He mentioned a book party Look for Me in the Whirlwind, collected writings of  political prisoners. It’s this Saturday (12/9) 7:30 PM in Brooklyn. Details here. He also mentioned the Jericho Movement, an organization that does ongoing work to support political prisoners in the US. Their website has addresses to send letters to prisoners.


  • Remember that the last paper is due Tuesday December 18 by email. No extensions or exceptions. See the Assignments page if you’ve lost your copy of it.
  • I’ll have special office hours next Wednesday (12/13) from 6-8 PM. You can just stop by Carman 398.

Tuesday 12/12 is our last class meeting. Read my guide to final exams, “Zen and the Art of Finals” (PDF), which will help you begin to prepare for our final (and hopefully others as well). Think about major themes that we’ve been talking about all semester and bring questions to the class. We’ll spend the last class reflecting on the semester and have an open prep/ study session for the final exam. Be sure to show up: I’ll present a more detailed exam overview and some prep strategies that should be helpful.

As a reminder, the final is scheduled for Thursday, December 14, 8-10 PM in the regular classroom. You might want to check Lehman’s exam schedule (PDF file) for your other classes as well. Be sure to arrange for childcare/ time off work/ whatever you need to do now, as there will be no make-ups, except for extraordinary circumstances. Unless you can provide a hospital or arrest record (your own, not a family member’s), you get no make-up. “My family bought plane tickets to go on vacation” or similar is not an extraordinary circumstance in my book. Consider college a job and be up front with family, friends, etc. about what that commitment means.