Updated 11/20/2018

Fall 2018 Assignments: 

Assignments will be posted here as they are distributed in class. Usually approx 3 weeks before the due date.

Group Presentation Assignment: PDF download: Group_Present_Assign_UrbWrt_F18

First written paper, (same for both sections). Due Tuesday October 2 via email. PDF download: Flores_Pietri_essay_Final_F18

Second written paper, (same for both sections). Due Tuesday November 20 via email. PDF download: CntmpUrbWrt_DTRT_F18

Third (and last) written paper, (same for both sections). Due Tuesday December 4 via email. PDF download: CntmpUrbWrtSoledadPaper_F18

Day section in-class final exam is on Tuesday, December 18, 3:45-5:45 PM in the regular classroom.

Night section in-class final exam is on Thursday, December 20, 8-10 PM in the regular classroom.



The Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is the best source online for formatting MLA and APA citations. Do not trust online citation generators or the formatting built in to word processing programs: it often screws things up.

There’s a good explainer for how to incorporate quotes into the body of your paper here at the College of Western Idaho’s writing center. It’s called the “quote sandwich” method. Sounds goofy, but it works.

For the visually inclined, here’s a video on the quote sandwich:

The Purdue OWL has a sample works cited page (how to format sources at the end of your paper) here.

Lehman’s ACE Center located in Old Gym 205 offers help with citation formatting and every stage of the writing process from brainstorming/formatting ideas to a final check. They work by coaching you through the writing process. You should see them early in the process if you’ve traditionally struggles with writing or been out of school for awhile and bring your assignment sheet with you.